Summer Sips: Gin + Tonic Bar

During a recent trip to Scotland, we were reminded how much we love a classic Gin + Tonic when paired with aromatic mixers and seasonal garnishes. Upon returning to NYC’s heat and humidity, a Gin + Tonic Bar felt like a refreshing addition to our summer entertaining lineup.

We revisited this classic cocktail by discovering new gins to mix + match with our favorite Fever Tree tonics. Take a break from your go-to spritz and try this easy Gin + Tonic bar at your next gathering.


Select gins that offer a variety of flavor profiles, mixing your favorite go-to’s with new labels. For our bar, we selected The Botanist for it’s aromatic florals, cucumber-infused Hendricks and the citrus-forward L.A. newcomer, AMASS Dry Gin.

A Gin + Tonic bar is all about the perfect pairings! From floral ice cubes to fresh herbs and produce, select a variety of garnishes to compliment each gin’s unique botanicals.

Provide guests with guidance on which garnishes + mixer you’ve preselected for each gin but have fun with creating new combinations!